About FROST Maintenance & Window Cleaning

We pride ourselves on providing the very best local professional window cleaning and other cleaning services to all our customers in the Portsmouth and surrounding areas.

All our work is carried out to to the highest possible standard ensuring that both our residential and commercial clients are completely satisfied with the services our local window cleaners have provided.

Our experienced, local window cleaners are fully competent and qualified, and also fully insured to carry out all the services we offer at your home or business premises and all documentation can be seen on request.


Our experienced window cleaners in Portsmouth are trained to clean your windows using both the modern (Water fed pole) and the more traditional (Soapy water, applicator and squeegee) window cleaning methods with both guaranteed to leave your windows clean and streak free!

To learn more about each window cleaning method, check out the links below.

We love what we do here at FROST Maintenance & Window Cleaning and believe this is reflected in the quality of service we provide

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